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Andrew Keehn
Your Medford Chiropractor

Constant, neck, back, even lower leg pain. I couldn't rotate my head from side to side, I went in to see the amazing staff At Medford Chiropractic Center. Not only are they so welcoming, I can now rotate my head, and I am starting to get much relief in other areas. The best of the best.

January 30, 2017 Tina M.

Life changing for me! I have a very bad lower back When it acts up I pay Dr Sofia a visit within a few visits I can do the twist...

Dec. 2, 2016 Danny P.

Just pay them a visit, you will not regret it. 
Wonderful staff from bottom to top. Positive vibe all day everyday!

Sept 22, 2016 Brixby B

They are the best. I been going to them for many, many years.

2/24/2016 Carmen W.

Love DR Sophia she fixed my back problem I had for 13+ years!! I feel great! Defiantly a recommended treatment if you have any on going pain. Love this place!

Oct. 9, 2015 Keri D.

When I was a 25 year old first-year teacher, I was frequently teaching from a chair because my back hurt too much to stand. I had been told my only option was to install metal rods in my spine and never touch my toes again. Unacceptable, obviously. I turned to Chiropractics as a desperate measure, having heard the usual stereotypes but also thinking it couldn't possibly get worse.

Within a couple visits, I was a believer. Within months I was a new woman. No more teaching from chairs. No more inexplicable shooting pain and numbness in my legs. I won't say my back is 100% pain free every day, but I will say that when I tweak it, I'm sure to feel better when they're through with me. 

When I first started going, I was encouraged to see all the docs in the practice to figure out which one was best for me. Now I almost exclusively see Dr. Sofia, since her style is best suited to the vagaries of my spine, but everyone there is great. Dr. Sofia truly trusts me to know my own body, and I consider my care to be a collaboration rather than a passive thing for me. I have lived in Jamaica Plain for 5 years now, and in spite of the 30+ minutes it takes me to drive there, I can't bring myself to trust my back to anyone else!

2/25/2015 Katie T

I found the people at Medford Chiropractic through Yelp and they are so great. Bonnie was so friendly and approachable. I do not have a lot of experience with chiropractors but so far am very impressed with this office. They are a great part of the Medford community!

Meghan O 5/6/2014

Dramatic pain relief after my very first adjustment! Wow!

4/10/2014 Iris Z

Simply the best...caring, professional with all the knowledge to help each patient. Ty. And the office staff is also the best

3/18/2014 Linda C.

I highly recommend Medford Chiropractic Center. The doctors and staff are wonderful, caring people. I've been coming here since they first opened, starting because of a neck problem, and I always keep coming back. My husband Steve is a regular here as well.

Feb. 4, 2014 Kimberly C.

What a great team doctors and an amazing staff. I have been going to MCC for years and trust all the docters there. I started going because of injuries obtained in a car accident. When I crawled through the door I was in pain with very little hope of improvement. I am now jogging and just going for regular visits. You guys are truely the BEST!

Jan. 29, 2014 Sandy A.


This is an extraordinary, expert and compassionate practice that has been a lifeline for me during a serious back pain crisis. I had previously seen a spine MD, PT and chiropractor and none of them took much time to assess my situation. Their "cookie cutter" approach to treatment made things much worse not better. In contrast Dr Bonnie Berg (BTW rated one of the top 20 chiros in the country by Self Magazine) took the time for a proper history and assessment and then followed a very gentle treatment approach that was much more personalized to me and I began to improve rapidly. She has the confidence to ask for and to seriously consider my input so it feels like we are a team working together to get me well. There is huge value in seeing a chiro who is not just well trained but will listen and can draw on her own experience from seeing lots of patients to bring so much more to the table than textbook training. One review mentions wait times and yes I occasionally wait but that's because every patient -including me - gets the time, attention and care they need at every single appointment. I will gladly wait a few minutes to get this sort of quality care that is almost impossible to find these days.

I could not imagine where I'd be without Dr Bonnie and could not more highly recommend her and the other providers at Medford Chiropractic.

Deborah K.


I found Medford Chiropractic through Yelp and I am so happy I did!

I have only been going for a few weeks and already feel a difference in my chronic back pain. The doctors really take their time with you and listen to how you are feeling.

I had a TMJ problem that became acute very quickly to the point that I could not chew. I saw Dr. Berg for this and it was amazing after 2 adjustments and some trigger point therapy, I was 80% better. It continued to improve with each treatment. I have never had this much success with any treatment for TMJ, but getting better so quickly was amazing. She is an amazing practitioner. 

All the doctors are knowledgeable, caring and attentive and the staff is very friendly. 

If there is a wait, it is because they will spend as much time with you as your body needs, this is not a one-treatment-fits-all assembly line chiro, and that is what makes it great.

Angela S.


The experience from start to finish was exceptional. I saw Dr. Bonnie Berg after rotating my hip due to an accident in the gym. Standing was excruciating, sitting was excruciating - I couldn't even roll over in bed. I was contorted and bent to the side, and the pain was astronomical. I was sure it would be a long fix.

However, after the first visit I noticed a significant improvement overnight. After three or four visits Bonnie had me standing straight, with almost no pain, and I was able to get back to my regular routine. Each appointment was less than an hour, the process was efficient, and I never had to wait very long to be seen.

The staff are all friendly, and attentive. Bonnie was even willing to see me during her lunch hour to accommodate my schedule. I wish all doctor's offices operated this way.

I highly recommend the Medford Chiropractic Center!

Connor M. 


I was absolutely thrilled with my care at Medford Chiropractic. The physicians are all fantastic and I really enjoyed their whole approach to chiropractic care. They did not just focus on the spine but the muscles as well, and I felt like it was a wonderful whole body approach. In addition, I felt like it was a very down to earth practice that was not trying to be too "new age" and force random untested theories and practices on me. They did not try and push me into purchasing "extra" things that would help my care either which I very much appreciated and felt like if they were going to suggest something that it would have been for a real reason.

The doctors are wonderful and very personable and really care about the patients and there care and well being. I would be happy to recommend their clinic to anyone searching out a quality chiropractor. Another wonderful thing about them is they were very willing to be help me with some insurance difficulties that I had, and worked very hard to make it an affordable experience. Highly recommend this center! And they do very interesting workshops about trigger point massage therapy to help continue and improve your health as you pursue the treatment and beyond.

Michal J.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I had a lot of lower back pain due to it. I was told by an orthopedic that my only option was to have major spine surgery. To me that was not an option! Then one day I walked into Medford Chiropractic Center. The doctors spoke with me about everything, My lifestyle, if i took any pain medications, what i did for work, what seemed to trigger my pain and if there was anything that actually seemed to help me with my pain. After our consult we went right into an examination. The doctors made me feel very comfortable and when I went back to the office the following day they were very honest with me I was told that in my case there was no cure for my scoliosis, however even thought I could not be cured they could prevent me from getting worse and they would even be able to help relief some of my lower back pain. To me that was music to my ears. I started a treatment plan of a few times per week and all the doctors in the office were wonderful and took their time explaining what they were doing and why. After a few short months my lower back pain had disappeared and I am now on a maintenance plan. Medford Chiropractic saved my back!! 

Stephanie M.


The practitioners here are friendly, courteous, and professional. They are talented healers who have helped me a great deal and who also treat several of my friends. Everyone I know who receives treatment at Medford Chiropractic raves about the results.

I have always been very satisfied with the treatment I have received and I would recommend Medford Chiropractic to anyone seeking better health or relief from pain.

Nicholaus M.


I have only gone in twice now but I am very happy. I have been suffering from severe chronic migraines for years now and they didn't make any promises but they really wanted to help me. I met with Dr. Berg on my first visit and because they wanted to help me as soon as possible the squeezed me in for the last appointment for the next night. My first adjustment went really well ( and for the first time in over two weeks I'm waking up almost migraine free). The thing that impressed me the most is that Dr. Berg called me from her hometown see how I was feeling and how the first adjustment went. That is patient care

Megan H. 


I have been going to Medford Chiropractic for years. I always got adjustments from the same doctors and I truly love the family-orientated atmosphere. However, it wasn't until recently where I had dealt with many back problems from left to right. Work started becoming a problem for me, so I came to Medford Chiropractic weekly to try to fix my problem.

Now, I can sit better at work, I feel ten times better and energized all thanks to the doctors at Medford Chiro. I followed many tips from Dr. Sofia in order to get better, as well as, follow a healthy and quick exercise so that I won't have to wake up in pain anymore. Not only do the doctors adjust your backs, but they adjust your muscles and I truly love their care that they do for their patients.

I won't stop coming here and I hope many of you don't. It truly is a great place to come to, and might I add it is super clean! Medford Chiro is definitely a 5-star in my book!

Ashley C.


I love this place! I have been coming here for almost 10 years and have recommended them to other family members who are now avid fans. Yes, they are often busy but will make time for me when I am in pain. I guess the price you must pay when you go to the best, others want to go as well. So I always bring something to do, in case I have to wait for the best!

The staff is friendly, the doctors are knowledgeable and they all go out of their way to make my visits good. I have lived in many different areas and have been forced to find new chiropractors in each city. I am so glad I found Medford Chiropractic.

Sandee E.

December 2, 2013

These guys are miracle workers! They are very professional and very good at what they do. Each doctor has there different way of cracking and putting you back in place but they all do a great [email protected] i was going a couple times a week at first and now I go once ever 4 weeks. They don't want you to go every day for ever, so it's nice that they are actually looking out for you well being instead of just what's good for the business.

They are very good about getting you in when you need to be seen.

Fillipe B. 

September 19, 2013

When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted in a very friendly manner. The doctor was on time. Dr. Boehme asked me several questions about what specifically was bothering me at this time. He then did adjustments and manipulations to address my specific issues. The receptionist was very friendlly and checking out and paying went very quickly. This is a top notch chiropractic center. All of the doctors are superb. 

Karen S. 


I love this place! After pulling my back out again, they got me back up and running in no time. They even fit me in as an emergency appointment the day I called (thank goodness--I was in bad shape!).

After a bad experience at a different chiropractor (too weird and experimental), it was great coming here to a place where the doctors know what they're doing. My treatment always starts with the electro-therapy, and then one of the three great docs comes in and does the spinal manipulation. They all have different styles, so I recommend trying them all out to see who's the best fit for you.

Also, they offer workshops on how to learn their trigger-point therapy. My boyfriend and I attended and have used the skills we learned many times. Very helpful, and also FREE!

To address the wait time issue (from Rob R.), it's just like any other doctor's office. I've walked in and had to wait (maybe 25 minutes at the most), but I've also walked in and not even sat down in the waiting room because they were already ready for me! I find that Monday and Friday afternoons are really busy, so if you can't wait long, don't book appointments then.

I definitely recommend this place, and am so glad to have found them!

Catherine S.

Miracle workers! I pop in monthly now for maintenance, but there was a time when I was there 2 to 3 times per week. Years of upper back pain (culminating in tingling and numbness) have melted away, and I've never felt better. The practitioners there are top-notch!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Constant, neck, back, even lower leg pain. I couldn't rotate my head from side to side, I went in to see the amazing staff At Medford Chiropractic Center. Not only are they so welcoming, I can now rotate my head, and I am starting to get much relief in other areas. The best of the best."
    Tina M.
  • "Life changing for me! I have a very bad lower back When it acts up I pay Dr Sofia a visit within a few visits I can do the twist..."
    Danny P.
  • "Just pay them a visit, you will not regret it.
    Wonderful staff from bottom to top. Positive vibe all day everyday!"
    Brixby B.
  • "They are the best. I been going to them for many, many years."
    Carmen W.
  • "Love DR Sophia she fixed my back problem I had for 13+ years!! I feel great! Defiantly a recommended treatment if you have any on going pain. Love this place!"
    Keri D.